3 Good Reasons to look at a closer partnership with Thinking Schools South Africa

  • Empowering delivery in Maths, Science, Language and CAPS
    • A key issue limiting the success of education initiatives in the key areas of Maths, Science and Language, is that learners and teachers don’t know how to learn effectively! Research done by Dr Paul Hobden and others shows that simply re-teaching subject matter does not have the desired results unless students are taught thinking and problem-solving skills at the same time.
    • The 50 schools that have adopted a Thinking Skills approach are delivering on the CAPS curriculum objectives for critical thinking, and achieving improved results.
  • Activating key partnerships
    • Thinking Schools South Africa is ready to integrate thinking and problem-solving skills into existing educational initiatives in collaboration with CASME (Centre for the Advancement of Mathematics and Science Education) at High School Level and the Centre for Early Childhood Development at Foundation Level. They recognise that TSSA’s expertise in thinking skills will empower the results of their work with teachers and learners.
    • In addition, TSSA has ongoing input to the Jika iMfundo Teacher Peer Learning Fairs, to help teachers with learning strategies for deeper understanding and learning in classrooms facing challenging circumstances.
  • Empowering Sustainable Communities of Practice
    • TSSA is growing Communities of Practice between schools, so that teachers train and support other teachers, to deepen and sustain this way of teaching. They continue to teach the same CAPS curriculum in the same timetable. The difference is that they are given the “how” to empower student engagement, understanding and learning within regular teaching and learning.