THINKING SCHOOLS SOUTH AFRICA is a non-profit organization that empowers schools to develop a culture of explicit thinking so that students and teachers learn how to learn more effectively. Our goal is for students to become passionate, practiced and resourceful thinkers and problem-solvers who will perform better at school and in tertiary life. This meets the stated objective of the national CAPS curriculum, to develop critical and collaborative thinking skills. It improves engagement and student ownership of the learning process, as well as academic results across the curriculum, including Maths, Science and English.

We work with schools where there is management commitment, to help facilitate whole staff Thinking School strategic planning, train whole management and staff in specific Thinking  Strategies and build on-going, self-sustaining implementation support structures.


  • We help teachers embed active questioning and thinking strategies into the learning process for better results from the same curriculum. Teachers encourage students to build on their prior knowledge, and coach critical thinking skills as they teach normal content. This nurtures student competence and confidence, and becomes an integral part of how these schools operate.
  • We facilitate Drive Teams from a cross-section of schools in each region we work in, to support each other to continue to develop as a Community of Practice. This goes far beyond ‘add-on’ training workshops, as thinking competencies become an ongoing agenda in teaching, learning, school dynamics and leadership.